Monday, January 31, 2011

Fitness- the Mantra to live a happy life

A very old saying says- health is wealth. One can never stay happy if he is not healthy. How rich he is, does not matter if he is not fit.

Fitness is the key word to happy life unlike all sections of society. Whether a person belongs to upper class or lower, whether short or tall, staying fit is a necessity to all. The definition of physical fitness according to John F. Kennedy,”Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” In early days, people used to be physical enough, which did not require them to work out separately. But today’s story is different.

People are so busy with their day to day work that they do not have extra time to care about their fitness. Hence, a better option is to join a fitness clubs and afvallen. These fitness schools actually gives you proper training under proper guidance.

These fitness schools offer special programmes on stress management, weight loss, weight gain for the leaner and many more. The trainers accompany you with all their sincerity for whatever your need is. There are also gymnasiums which helps you build your body according to your structure. Sports were once upon a time confined to kids and sportspersons. But now it has been proved that sports not only helps you stay healthy but it reduces strain and stress. So the sport school comes in the picture.

These are the schools which train you for various kinds of sports. All age groups including kids to oldies can join these schools in order to stay healthy and happy. Sports do not only play its role as a source of recreation but also relieves your stress. It is scientifically proved that an hour of sports each day helps you prevent all diseases.

Most of the times a person find it difficult to start with their fitness regime and if they start it becomes even more difficult to continue with. The hectic schedules of our daily life leave little space to continue fitness regimes in a streamlined manner. But the fitness trainers make it possible and easy. So, to conclude all of us should take special care of our fitness and invest ample of time in our body to stay healthy and fit.

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